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Fitch Bay Healing Forest

On October 7, 2018, the Fitch Bay (Eastern Townships, Quebec) Healing Forest was inaugurated with ceremony, respect, and community. Terry Loucks is the champion of this Healing Forest and his efforts have resulted in the first Healing Forest to be created in Quebec on private land – another first. As a nature lover and long time environmentalist, Terry holds a special passion for trees and forests. He learned of the National Healing Forest initiative through social media and was inspired to do something to build on the momentum, and embarked on the project as part of his legacy to his family, First Nations, and Canada, and hopes that his efforts inspire other Canadians to develop Healing Forests on their own property or public lands. He is actively assisting other community groups to develop Healing Forests and believes that any Healing Forest be developed with involvement of Indigenous Peoples with respect and reconciliation at its roots. Through his efforts, he learned much about First Nations culture and history, forged new friendships, and created bridges of understanding and learning across cultures. Terry can be reached at 819-437-5493 for those who would like to know more.

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